[kaffe] Re: NEED_sysdepCallMethod

Riccardo zuse at libero.it
Sun Apr 18 05:21:02 PDT 2004

> After the regression and retry for inlining, I will try to install 
> linux on 68040 machine. If you remember, this CPU has different way
> for cache and may introduce some problem with JIT.

yes, 68030 and 68040 are different wrt to cache. old opensd2/jit.h had #
ifdef's for that

> Kiyo
> P.S. The hardest thing to install linux on mac for me is reinstalling
>      MacOS to make room on the HD for linux :-)
I have linux running on both a 68030 and a 68040 here

It is not difficult. But 68K computer are usually very very stable on 
supported machines.

If you need help ask me and tell me which mac(s) do you have. Some are 
less fortunate to run linux or BSD on.


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