[kaffe] kaffe 1.1.0 on Darwin

Riccardo zuse at libero.it
Tue Apr 20 03:15:03 PDT 2004


In the pursue of if and when Kaffe worked on darwin, I tried 1.1.0 today. 
It builds fine and fails about everything except the first test
PASS: HelloWorldApp.class.save
error compiling:
./../../kaffe/kaffevm/file.h:69: failed assertion `((buf == NULL) && (
len == 0))|| ((buf != NULL) && (len != 0))'
TestScript: line -43: 29082 Abort trap              /Users/multix/kaffe-
1.1.0/kaffe/kaffe/kaffe-bin at.dms.kjc.Main -classpath ".:.::.:/Users/
multix/kaffe-1.1.0/libraries/javalib/kjc.jar" -d . ./HelloWorldApp.java
FAIL: HelloWorldApp.java

133 of 137 tests failed

I wonder if this is always the same problem that changes "appearance" 
throughout the versions...


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