[kaffe] Re: 68k statuos on OpenBSD and Linux

Kiyo Inaba inaba at src.ricoh.co.jp
Thu Apr 29 03:59:02 PDT 2004


Thanks to make regression tests for so many different types of

>but I checked probably CVS before syscCall patches were merged in.
>On linux, I recompiled again with those but found no difference (kjc 
>hangs forever); although I haven't analyzed the log further.

As far as linux port is concerned, I finally purchased 'proper'
ethernet card (Asante MCiNB) and am going to install it to my IIci.
I hope this may solve the IIci only up for several hours, and may
enable me to debug problems for m68k-linux issue.

Anyway, the last time I tried to compile rt.jar by kjc, I also
notice it stops at some stage. That's why, I reconfigure it with
pre-compiled rt.jar and skip this step. After installing this new
card, I will start investigating this problem.

P.S. I also purchaed IIvx which is slightly faster than IIci.
     It cost only 1,050 yen (less than 10 Euro) and I am not sure
     whether it works or not :-)

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