[kaffe] reduce size of kaffe-bin

Nick.Faulwetter at Stud.Tu-Ilmenau.De Nick.Faulwetter at Stud.Tu-Ilmenau.De
Thu Apr 29 08:44:02 PDT 2004


I compiled kaffe for an embedded target with the following configure-options:

CFLAGS="-D__XSCALE__" KAFFEH="/wrk2/usr/cad/nfaulwet/kaffe-native/bin/kaffeh"
CC="/usr/local/arm-elf/bin/gcc -elf2flt" AR="/usr/local/arm-elf/bin/ar"
NM="/usr/local/arm-elf/bin/nm" ../kaffe-1.1.4/configure --host=arm-linux
--build=i586-linux --with-rt-jar=/tmp/rt.jar --enable-pure-java-math --disable-gcj
--with-includes=/uClibc-0.9.11/include --with-libraries=/uClibc-0.9.11/lib --with-staticlib
--with-staticvm --with-staticbin --enable-static=yes --disable-sound --without-awt --disable-debug
--disable-xprofiling --disable-xdebugging --disable-feedback --without-profiling --without-stats
--prefix=/home/nick/kaffe --with-threads=unix-jthreads --without-applet --without-beans
--without-sql --without-security; perl -pi -e 's:compile_time run_time ::' test/regression/Makefile;

The result is a kaffe-bin with size 814 KB. This seems to be very much to me, cause compiling
kaffe for my development-PC results in a kaffe-bin nearly ten times smaller (and this without 
all the without-.. and disable-.. options).
Can someone tell me, if one of the options above causes the big binary. Or how can i reduce the
size at all? "strip" didn't help.

I'm thankful for every hint i get, even if it doesn't work. So mail every idea you have.

I wish you a nice day.

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