[kaffe] sparc strangeness...

Riccardo zuse at libero.it
Thu Apr 29 08:45:03 PDT 2004


I wanted to recompile kaffe on "eowyn" (solaris, sparc v8) with -intrp 
so Guilhem could better debug the jar.tar crashing.
Before doing that, I thought, better to do a check-out and try a build 
of the current status. I would have made teh intrp in a separate dir 
And; wonder wonder, kaffe now builds flawlessly! well, apart from some 
regressions failures.
Now I wonder if the problem was solved or it went just invisible, to 
reappear sooner or later.

CharArrayReaderTest.fail  TestSerializable2.fail
DoubleCvt.fail            ThreadState.fail


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