[kaffe] NetBSD/sparc still broken

Riccardo zuse at libero.it
Fri Apr 30 06:50:02 PDT 2004


while Solaris/sparc seems to get a temporary comeback and compile... 
NetBSD/sparc is still broken
/bin/sh ./rebuildLib @essential.files
Compiling classes from  @essential.files  using  /home/multix/kaffe-cvs/
netbsd-sparc/kaffe/kaffe/kaffe-bin -verbosegc -mx 256M at.dms.kjc.Main
Illegal instruction - core dumped
gmake[1]: *** [lib/stamp] Error 132

similar to openbsd/sparc.

Both *BSD/sparc now don't even put a message about starting to parse or 
compile, they just break immediately. At least some time ago they used 
to start building class library and fail in there.


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