[kaffe] kaffe on Solaris/UltraSparc status

Riccardo zuse at libero.it
Fri Apr 30 11:14:02 PDT 2004


since "eowyn" was able to run a successful build yesterday, I decided to 
retry "shadowfax" (same os, but on UltraSparc which kaffe uses in 32 bit 
mode). And, miracle, it worked again!

The failed tests are:
CLTestConc.fail            TestSerializable2.fail
DoubleCvt.fail             TestUnlock.fail
NetworkInterfaceTest.fail  ThreadState.fail

which are more than usual
(TestSerializable2 is new and failed elsewhere too)


PS: the breakage of OpenBSD and netBSD remains yet to be explained, 
since, some time ago, they were at least partially working.

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