[kaffe] A question about "JNI_OnLoad"

embstudy at eyou.com embstudy at eyou.com
Sun Aug 1 20:24:09 PDT 2004

   Yes,I am a little bit sure that the question is not related to
"JNI_OnLoad". But I don't agree that it is the architecture that cause the
problem. In my opinion, the Qtopia1.7(based on QTE-2.3.7) is the most possible
We have successfully got the plain text "Helloworld" run in two condition,but
definitely failed after we startup the qtopia GUI. :(

Host  : Redhat-9, Dell machine
target: Xscale develope board (Pxa255,400MHz)
Comm  : minicom(run on Redhat-9),Jtag,sometimes use telnet
CVS.v : 7.18.2004 (we tried update the kaffe, but failed at some compilation
1st condition:
We use the minicom(or telnet) to logon to the target, through ttyS0, and then
cmd "kaffe Helloworld", we could successfully got the right result.
BTW,we couldn't run the GUI programs at this circumstance.
When we tried as "kaffe -v -ss 128000 -cp $PWD -vmdebug AWT Calc",
we just got this:
2nd condition:
We just startup the target machine, and set runlevel 3, without start the
qtopia GUI. Then we use the USB keyboard to input cmds directly on the target
This time we can run the "Helloworld" successfully too. 
But we couldn't run the GUI test program because there is no qws server
So we were told to add "-qws" there, but it seems impossible to pass this para
rightly now.
But after we start the qtopia, no matter we use the embeddedconsole or
someother ways, even the javac fails at the same error.
We couldn't run the "Helloworld" successfully at this time!
If it's the architecture reason, then how to explain the two conditions I just
referred to?
So I think the keypoint is the difference caused by the qtopia. Did qtopia
bothers kaffe to run successfully? 
BTW,where is the exact point for me to find out the difference?
Any hints?



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