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Sat Aug 14 19:43:06 PDT 2004

On Sat, Aug 14, 2004 at 05:14:58PM +0800, embstudy at eyou.com wrote:
> Hello everyone,

Hello saw,

  Nice to meet you here.

> chosing kaffe. I believe kaffe will work for me maybe today or tommorrow.And a
> lot of thanks to the guys who is devoting or devoted or will devote to kaffe.
> Kaffe is really perfect!

Thanks for your making use of Kaffe, and attempt to promote it.
The Kaffe Qt AWT backend was contributed by several engineers from
Taiwan including me. While it getting working for us, we are really
exciting, but we soon did not think it was enough, especially for 
Qtopia, which is the handheld entertainment and PIM platform.

We know, Kaffe's Qt AWT doesn't fit Qtopia for the sake both of its
stability and AWT design, which should adapt peerful implementation
instead of peerless one.

Stephane Meslin-Weber did work peerful AWT implementation based on
Wonka and Qt/Embedded:


I think we might try to adapt its peerful AWT on Kaffe, and even
get them integrated with GNU Classpath to become another killer-
application level AWT peer.

I know Qt AWT backend is buggy, and there are still many bugs after
my fixing. Kaffe's original peerless AWT design limits the use of
higher and much richer toolkits, such as Qt. It can't present the
powerful side of Qt, and Qt AWT only uses the low level mechanisms
of Qt.

At the moment, I am still attempting to hacking GNU Classpath's
AWT peer, and see if we can contribute the Qt (Qt/X11 and Qt/Embedded)
peer back, which might encourage not only Kaffe but also other Free
Java runtimes, like GCJ, JamVM, SableVM, JikesRVM, etc, being adapted
in Qt-powered environment since Qt goes almost everywhere nowadays.

> About the Qtopia - Java Integration, there is a doc from trolltech.
> http://doc.trolltech.com/qtopia2.0/html/javaintegration.html

Yes, I've seen the above document, but I don't think it would make
sense in Kaffe's current implementation.

> And now I am a little bit dault about that why I chose qt-2.3.7 but not
> qtopia-1.7 as my QTDIR while crosscompiling kaffe. Anybody could shed some
> light on me?

But Kaffe cvs head and Qtopia 1.7 worked for me. (Tested on x86 and arm)

> And where are you guys using qt-awt successfully running your programs in?
> In the qtopia or not?? Or just test them on your PCs??

At the moment, only small AWT programs work via Qt AWT backend.
I did work with cross-compiled Qt AWT backend and Qtopia, and found
there are still known issues of not running well.

Thanks for your bug report!

Indeed, I am really to see more and more Chinese geting involved in
Free Java, and we are not alone anymore. :)

Jim Huang

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