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Sun Aug 15 15:25:50 PDT 2004

Hi Cheng Ming,

程明 wrote:
> Dear Members:
> How are you?
> I am a student of Tsinghua University. Our school developed a CPU called
> THUMP. It is a 32-bit RISC CPU, partly compatiable with MIPS. And we
> developed an operating system on the architecture called TUES, which is
> ported from Linux. I want to port kaffe on the system. Can you give me
> some advice?

See http://egp.free.fr/oldsite/port-kaffe/port-kaffe-0.2.html for
details on porting kaffe to a new platform.

In your case, it may make sense to start with the mips port, and adapt
it for your needs.

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