[kaffe] Using Kaffe with remote debugging via Eclipse

Dalibor Topic robilad at kaffe.org
Wed Aug 18 12:55:26 PDT 2004

Derek Davies wrote:
> Ah, yes, now it comes back to me -- JVMDI is the lowest level part of
> I'll try to dig that stuff out of it's tomb.  Please ping me in a
> couple of days in case I forget.  I may have to send you a big tarball
> though and you may have to figure out how to get the diffs from that
> yourself.  If I don't have to fight with CVS too much I'll make diffs
> for you though.

If you don't mind, please put me on the CC. Big tarballs of source code 
are what I love to work through ;)

dalibor topic

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