[kaffe] problems under openbsd3.4

Nick Sans coaxtdk at lycos.com
Thu Aug 26 16:03:53 PDT 2004

as for the specs on this machine, they are as follows:

OpenBSD cms.mw.lcl 3.4 GENERIC#18 i386
dmesg info included in attachment dmesg.out

kaffe-1.1.4 configure information included in attachment kaffe-config.out

package list information included in attachment pkg_info.out

config.log also included as it is a better document then kaffe-config.out

output from configure would not include

configure: error: Could not find GNU MP library. Install the gmp development
package or pass --enable-pure-java-math to configure.



1. The package that was included in the OpenBSD website did not
include the file libnative.so. This file can be found in the
kaffe-1.1.4nb1.tgz found here:

Fix: Just include the file.

2. Kaffe is unable to find GNU MP located on my computer. It is installed
per the included package list.

Fix: No idea. 

3. I was also having problems with segmentation faults with esd enabled. I am unable to provide a coredump as openbsd has a wierd way of handling coredumps over 24 hours. I appologize.
--without-sound is the only way I could get kaffe to atleast output version information.

Fix: Beats Me.


if you need any other files please message me with what you need and I can 
send it to you. 

(in the irc channel known as yawn)

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