[kaffe] Bug in javah

Arnaud Vandyck arnaud.vandyck at ulg.ac.be
Sun Jan 11 13:20:05 PST 2004

Hi all,

I'm trying to merge gnujaxp and libxmlj but it seems it's a problem to
use javah from kaffe:

arnaud at oz:~/debian/gnu/classpathx/merge-jaxp-libxmlj$ make
/usr/bin/javah -classpath . gnu.xml.libxmlj.transform.TransformerFactoryImpl
Failed to open object 'java/lang/Object'
make: *** [gnu_xml_libxmlj_transform_TransformerFactoryImpl.h] Error 1

Also, note that:

$ /usr/lib/j2se/1.3/bin/javah -h

Usage: javah [options] <classes>

where [options] include:

	-help                 Print this help message
	-classpath <path>     Path from which to load classes
	-bootclasspath <path> Path from which to load bootstrap classes
	-d <dir>              Output directory
	-o <file>             Output file (only one of -d or -o may be used)
	-jni                  Generate JNI-style header file (default)
	-old                  Generate old JDK1.0-style header file
	-stubs                Generate a stubs file
	-version              Print version information
	-verbose              Enable verbose output
	-force		      Always write output files

<classes> are specified with their fully qualified names (for
instance, java.lang.Object).

and for kaffe:

$ /usr/lib/kaffe/bin/javah -h

Unknown flag: -h
usage: kaffeh [-options] class ...
Options are:
	-help			Print this message
	-version		Print version number
	-classpath <path>	Set classpath
	-jni			Generate JNI interface
	-Xdebug <opts>		Kaffe debug options.
	-o <file>		Generate all output to the given file
	-d <directory>		Directory for the output



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