[kaffe] Problem While Cross compilation

Sebastian Mancke asteban at gmx.net
Wed Jan 14 06:53:02 PST 2004


Here are my steps in compiling Kaffe 1.1.0 for the yopy,
using the cross-compiling toolchain-1.1.0-1 from yopydeveloper.org:

1. I had to replace my local /usr/bin/libjpeg.so with an Link to 
/usr/arm-linux/lib/libjpeg.so  (maybee not needet for newer kaffe)

2. I had to comment one Line out: Line 413 in
  // sin6->sin6_scope_id = 0;
(maybee not needet for newer kaffe)

3. I had to run:
LDFLAGS=-L/usr/arm-linux/lib/ \
        CC=arm-linux-gcc \
        NM=arm-linux-nm \
        AR=arm-linux-ar \
./configure \
--host=arm-linux \
--build=i686-linux \
--with-rt-jar=/home/asteban/trash/rt.jar \
--with-threads=unix-jthreads \
--with-awt=X \
--x-includes=/usr/arm-linux/X11R6/include/ \
--x-libraries=/usr/arm-linux/X11R6/lib/ --with-x \
--with-libraries=/usr/arm-linux/lib/ \
--with-awtlibpath=/usr/arm-linux/lib/ \
&& make

(Of course you have to adapt some Args, e.g.:
--build=your host type 
--with-rt-jar=path to formerly generated classes)

- that this was my way to get kaffe-1.1.0! not 1.3.0 or any CVS Version
- You should read the cross-compiling.FAQ on kaffe.org !

Best regards,

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