[kaffe] libtritonusalsa does not get installed

Dalibor Topic robilad at kaffe.org
Sat Jan 17 11:05:02 PST 2004

Hallo Matthias,

Matthias Pfisterer wrote:
> Hi,
> I noticed that with the CVS of kaffe (about 3 days old), 
> libtritonusalsa.so gets compiled and linked to 
> ./libraries/extensions/sound/alsa/.libs/libtritonusalsa.so
> but not installed under /usr/local/kaffe.
> I did the usual configure - make - make install
> libtritonusesd get installed as 
> /usr/local/kaffe/jre/lib/i386/libtritonusesd.so.
> I would expect libtritonus alsa in the same directory, but it isn't. So 
> I guess this is a bug in the configure/build system. I'm not exactly 
> good with all this auto* stuff, so can of of the experts please have a 
> look at it?

Hm, that one sounds quite weird. Could you do a clean checkout from CVS, 
and try the whole procedure again? I've only recently added some code 
for detecting ALSA and ESounD from their respective CVS repositories, so 
now ALSA support doesn't work on my pre 1.0 debian box.

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