[kaffe] Syntax Error

Dalibor Topic robilad at kaffe.org
Mon Jan 19 04:25:20 PST 2004

Hallo Alexander,

Alexander Boettcher wrote:
> Hi,
> in  kaffe/libraries/clib/net/PlainDatagramSocketImpl.c is a syntax 
> error, when using the #else path. A brace is misplaced at row 461.

Thanks a lot for the bug report, and the fix! I've checked in your patch.

> I attached the 'diff', please fix it. (I'm using the CVS version of kaffe.)

In order to make the things slightly easier for me (or whoever gets to 
review the patches), it would be nice if you could you send your future 
patches as unified diffs (cvs diff -u) and accompany them with a small 
ChangeLog entry.

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