[kaffe] Javamail for Kaffe

Stuart Ballard sballard at netreach.com
Mon Jan 19 06:05:03 PST 2004

Doug Porter wrote:
> BTW, their license was changed to the much more restrictive
> GPL-with-exception. Tiger JMail uses the lgpl.

GPL-with-exception is *less* restrictive than LGPL because it doesn't 
require that all binaries include the ability to be relinked with a new 
version of the library. There's practically nothing that's permitted 
under the LGPL that isn't also permitted under GPL-with-exception.

Please don't make remarks like that ("much more restrictive") without 
researching them - or at least justify why you would make a claim which 
is the exact opposite of the stated opinion of the people who drafted 
the license.


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