[kaffe] JIT4

Dalibor Topic robilad at kaffe.org
Wed Jul 7 15:58:51 PDT 2004

Hi Mike,

I wanted to ping you again about merging in jit 4 into kaffe.org CVS 
tree. Karl Trygve Kalleberg from gentoo-java project has volunteered to 
help out with the merge, so I wanted to see if we could get the merge 
done, and put your nice jit code to work in debian, gentoo and other 
distributions shipping kaffe (and the *BSDs, and all other nice 
platforms out there :).

dalibor topic

Dalibor Topic wrote:
> Hi Mike, hi Tim,
> Timothy Stack wrote:
>>> Who should I hand it over to?  I don't want the work to be lost, but
>>> wasn't sure anyone was actively maintaining kaffe.
>> You can send it to me, Dalibor, or anyone else with CVS access.  Either
>> way, we'll just check it in as is.  Although, we'll probably leave it out
>> of the distribution until someone picks up the ball and runs with it.
> Quite actively maintained, I'd say ... Jim Pick is doing a very fine job 
> keeping Kaffe running. He's still touring Europe atm, though. Tim is one 
> of the core vm developers here, and I'm just the merge-dude who breaks 
> things ocassionally in the CVS ;)
> Mike, we could give you CVS access to maintain your own code, and merge 
> it in yourself, since you're the one who knows it best :)
> But if you feel like handing it over to someone, and letting go of it, 
> then Tim would be a good choice. So would be Casey, since he's doing an 
> amazing job on everything he touches, and seems to be very interested in 
> getting your work merged in.

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