[kaffe] several problems in reduce the size of VM

jin_leon jin_leon at 126.com
Wed Jul 7 23:25:55 PDT 2004

hi all:

I have successfully compiled and installed the KaffeVM on my Fedora system(x86),but  the size of the VM is 8.7M(../jre/lib/rt.jar 2.9M  and ../jre/lib/i386 4.2M ),which is too large to meet my requirements.
./configure --prefix=/usr/local/kaffe --disable-gcj --disable-debug --disable-xprofiling --disable-xdebugging --disable-feedback --without-profiling --without-stats --with-engine=intrp --without-exensions

I try several solutions advanced in the FAQ documents to reduce the size of rt.jar:
      1.under the javalib directory,make JAVAC_FLAGS="-g:none" (according the FAQ to delete the debugging infomation) ,but failed in making.what's wrong with it?
      2.according the FAQ files, i could just delete the line of .class file on the profiles/default/*.file and recompile the classlibrary, but i still do not understand how to implement(At the same time, I have no idea what exact classes are useful or not ,and how to tail. So do you have some approprite tailed rt.jars for reference.) 
      3.some one propose that i can use static libraries scheme to go on ,but i don't know the how to configure the options.

Though I have come over so many problems which may be a little foolish to you, i hope you can give me some useful advice as soon as possible .
Waiting for your help!Thanks!

Best regards
Jin leon  


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