[kaffe] patch for kaffe1.0.7jit3 code runing on MIPS

Yoshiharu Oba ooba at gk.avkk.yamaha.co.jp
Thu Jul 8 21:42:05 PDT 2004

Hi Dalibor,

I've just finished to read the documents of FAQ.ps2linux.I should be read this 
FAQ before making my patches. I thgout so strongly. I'm not a expert programmer 
for MIPS, There are a lot of things( ABI also) which I don't know for more 
detail. It is likely to be necessary to say and exceed and to learn about MIPS.

Dalibor Topic wrote:
>thanks for the updated patch and the ChangeLog. I've started to merge 
>parts of it in. Since Dylan Schell's port to PS2Linux is already in the 
>CVS, it would be nice if you could try to see if the CVS head builds for 
>you, too, on ps2linux, and adapt yout patch accordingly. I'll comment to 
>the changelog on what I've checked in & how it has been adapated.

Yes!, I will be try to make a new build with a fresh CVS head in weekend.
and test it myself. I expect acquiring  the great performance.
I will be able to report the result of a test to you even at next week.Please 
wait a little.

>>        * config/mips/mips.c:Fetch the return address from the stackpointer
>>        that is under certain instruction. (What reason, the exception frame is
>>        built on the stackpointer when exception occurs in INTERFACE class.
>>        In this case, Walk backwards process uses the stackpointer
>>        instead of the framepointer )
>I'm not quite sure I understand correctly: When an exception occurs in 
>an interface, you use the stack pointer instead of the frame pointer to 
>unwind the stack, right?

Yes, I quite agree.
There is a part of the souce file of NullInvoke.java
try {
  new InvokeInterface().printName( null );
catch (NullPointerException npe) {
When an exception occurs in InvokeInterface().printName(null), JAVAVM comes to be 
able to catch an eception correctly at "catch (NullPointerException npe)" 

Yoshiharu oba

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