[kaffe] Relicensing the Verifier, and Turning it On

Chris Gray chris.gray at kiffer.be
Sun Jul 11 10:27:59 PDT 2004

On Sunday 11 July 2004 15:53, Dalibor Topic wrote:
> [...]
> Okay, please keep us updated on how FSF interprets GPL+linking-exception
I will.

> . I, personally, regard the interpreter as largely [1] "independant"
> from the rest of the VM, which was part of the reasoning why I moved it
> into its own directory, away from the rest of kaffe core vm.

Problem is, the FSF seems to take a different view: this is the "if 
interpreter is GPL question". Of course Kaffe developers can have a different 
view, but the FSF standpoint would be hard to ignore should anyone ever try 
to make mischief. That's what I have to worry about, plus I prefer to have 
some firm ground to stand on when countering FUD.

> [1] Well, it has to interface *somehow* with the runtime in a runtime
> dependant way :) But that's going to be different for each runtime,
> unless we agree on a verifier API, so that we can interchage Rob's
> verifier, with, for example Tom's, or JustICE from BCEL. Stuff for the
> next Classpath hacker meeting :)


And a JIT API, and a GC API, and ...



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