[kaffe] Relicensing the Verifier, and Turning it On

Rob Gonzalez rgonzale at wso.williams.edu
Mon Jul 12 07:14:35 PDT 2004

> > Argh, lingustic typo confusion :) I meant to write verifier, but wrote
> > interpreter. I should not debug & write e-mail at the same time :(
> >
> Ah, I see. Yes, the verifier does stand somewhat apart from the rest of the
> VM; you can even shift part of it to an off-line preprocessor or to a
> different CPU at runtime, and of course you can function pretty well without
> having one at all. So the Classpath exception works pretty well.

Would it help the licensing situation if the verifier were self-contained
and connected to the kaffe internals through a single glue file providing
the interface between the verifier and the rest of kaffe?  That would also
make it a little easier to plug in the libgcj verifier, JustICE, or
whatever else in the future.


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