[kaffe] Can't find libawt?

Jerry zhgjerry at eyou.com
Fri Jul 16 08:00:19 PDT 2004

Hi dalibor:
  You're so kind-hearted!Thanks you very much!
  Your response was so active to fix the BUG 
nearly before I found it.
   The patch you referred,I had read.And I update the CVS today,
I maked it very easily against yesterday,It's your credit!Thx.

But when I ported it to the sitsang.I doesn't lucky enough as 
 the Fabien.It still didn't pass the HelloWorld.
the errors were as follow:

cmd: kaffe -v -vmdebug JIT,VMTHREAD Calc
Calling internal class loader for java/io/VMFile
Loading java/io/VMFile.class(/cvs/xscale/jre/lib/rt.jar) [compressed]

Translated java/lang/ThreadGroup.add(Ljava/lang/Thread;)V (normal) (nil)
attachFakedThreadInstance(main)=0x148e7c done
createDaemon finaliser
Internal error: caught an unexpected exception.
Please check your CLASSPATH and your installation.

And again I changed the config/arm/linux/md.h ( 20 -> 8 )
Then it can past the HelloWorld.Maybe there were something wrong
with my linux kernel option.

Today I was busyed updating the qtopia to 1.3.7 ,so I didn't tested
the qt-awt backend.the day after tomorrow I will try again.

Next time I will try to study gdb. :)

I was really a new Guy in the linux world,I and saw had started to
port Kaffe before July.At that time we didn't know what was static
library and dynamic library.Dyring the past half month we had encounted
so many errors,and we almost lost confidence many times,
I think we would give up without the help of your and others
in the mailing list!

Though errors still exist,but this time,We are experiencing.

>>>>,how can I pass it to the application.I tryed "kaffe Calc -qws"
>>>>but it doesn't work.
>Looks like there is some other problem. You could try raising the stack
>size, for example, or using the interpreter instead of the ocassionally
>flaky kaffe arm jit. But the best way is to fire up gdb and see what
>breaks. :)
>On a side note, Jim Huang fixed a crash with kaffe's qt awt today,
>afaik, so that might help, too ;)
>dalibor topic


--Îȶ¨¿É¿¿µÄµç×ÓÐÅÏä  ÓïÒôÓʼþ  Òƶ¯ÊéÇ©  ÈÕÀú·þÎñ  ÍøÂç´æ´¢...ÒÚÓÊδ¾¡

--¿ì¿ìµÇ¼ÒÚÓÊVIPÐÅÏä  ×¢²áÄúÖÐÒâµÄÓû§Ãû

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