[kaffe] Swing/AWT merge from GNU Classpath done

Guilhem Lavaux guilhem at kaffe.org
Fri Jul 23 00:05:32 PDT 2004

Dalibor Topic wrote:

> Hi,

Hi Dalibor,

> I've merged in the Swing/AWT code from GNU Classpath (before the last 
> resync they had with gcj java-gui brach, so expect another tiny (600k) 
> patch soon ;), as it works for me (TM) and I didn't feel it would do 
> the merged code any good to sit on my hard disk [1] :)

Good job !  :)

> So, chances are that some things may broken in the process. Please 
> report those bugs, so that they can get fixed.
> The major changes are:
> * configure now tries to build all three awts by default. Xlib, Qt(e) 
> and classpath's gtk awt. Classpath's GTK awt is the default, but you 
> can switch kaffe to use another one by simply using an -X* option.
I will update m4/gwqt.m4 to use AC_PATH_PROG instead of AC_CHECK_PROG so 
autoconf can find the right moc/uic in a modified path (which will 
include $QTDIR/bin).

> * since classpath's awt need pthreads, pthreads are now the default 
> threading system. That's going to be fun on non-linux systems, I assume.

*bug queue full please submit later* ;)

> * build with kjc is broken, again. Our KJC chokes on swing code trying 
> to extend a protected inner class in a different package. While the 
> JLS is really annoyingly ambigous in the respective section, it seems 
> to be an allowed thing to do.
Hmm,  actually it seems there is again a problem in the initializing 
process. JLayeredPane has the 'join' pass after JDesktopPane and so the 
superClass field is not set and kjc cannot check the inheritancy tree. I 
can only suggest to extract the initialization of the superClass field 
from the rest of the pass. It seems to be quite straightforward all the 
time... A temporary fix for the problem would be to swap the 
JLayeredPane and JDesktopPane in the list.


Guilhem Lavaux.

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