[kaffe] Re: Info Kaffe on ARM/uClinux [was: Implementing JVM for ecos]

Dalibor Topic robilad at kaffe.org
Fri Jul 23 20:12:08 PDT 2004

Andrea Scian wrote:
> [this thread started on eCos-devel mailing list...]

Ciao Andrea,

>>;) At least on strong arm, kaffe's jit seems to break for me whenever I
> use kjc
>>to rebuild the class library,  :(
> Well... I'm not using jit on my board, because I don't have enough memory!
> :-(
> Without jit everything seem to works fine :-) (even if I have never run kjc
> because I use the x86 rt.jar!)

Running kjc is the ultimate test ;) But it certainly eats up memory like 
  nothing else [1] ;)

> As your request, I have just publish some benchmark result (taken directly
> from my thesis, so they are in italian).
> There is a PDF under the public section of our site, take a look at
> http://www.dave-tech.it/download/misc/sw/B2/java/.

Thank you very much for putting them online. Do you mind if I put a link 
to them on our web site?

> Building for ARM is just a matter of a fine choose of cross-compiling
> switches and a little more of "tricking". :-)

Ah, yes, trickery is always involved ;)

> As soon as I have some time to spend on it I will contact those devel to
> discuss the better way add the uClinux support on Kaffe!

Thank you very much for your kind offer!

dalibor topic

[1] Well, ok, beside running eclipse, or jboss, I guess :)

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