[kaffe] Re: config/i386/common.h vs md.h - Patch Attached

Michael Franz developer.franz at verizon.net
Wed Jul 28 05:20:38 PDT 2004

This is only for i386.  I noticed that the PowerPC also has only one.  
Why is m68k so different?

On Wednesday, July 28, 2004, at 04:08 AM, Kiyo Inaba wrote:

> Hi Michael,
>> I have noticed that all (except for qnx and win32) include
>> sysdepCallMethod.h.  I have attached a patch file that will add the
>> sysdepCallMethod.h to common.h and remove it from the md.h files.  qnx
>> and win32 undefine NEED_sysdepCallMethod since they have their own
>> implementations.  Hopefully this will not break anything.
> It is only for i386, am I right?
> Then, I can say i386 is so lucky to have 'only one calling sequence'...
> In case of m68k, even between linux and netbsd, we can not share
> one implementation.
> Kiyo

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