[kaffe] konquer with Applet

Arnaud Vandyck avdyk at ressource-toi.org
Wed Jul 28 09:14:01 PDT 2004

"jin_leon" <jin_leon at 126.com> writes:

> Hi ,all
> I have got some difficulties in implementing the Java applet in
> konquer.  I have successfully installed kaffeVM on the
> Linux+qte+qtopia+konquer, and i download the kjas to install. After
> that ,i use the command  appletviewer to see a html file with applet,
> and the result is OK ,but when i use the konquer to see the same html
> file i have failed.
> Does anybody have successful experience of that and thanks for
> presenting.


I'm not sure but I hope it helps ;-)


Arnaud Vandyck

Whoa, first contact!


Welcome, from the people of Terra (Sol III). We extend our hands in
friendship, and sincerely hope you shall do the same with your
	-- Jason Burrell about a russian posting

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