[kaffe] excessive disk usage with kjc on solaris

Riccardo zuse at libero.it
Wed Jul 28 13:38:33 PDT 2004


on solaris,  pthreads, dual CPU, 96MB of physical ram I tried today a 
build using KJC. This platform worked quite fine the last time I tested 
it, maybe some weeks ago, not more.

Right now the behaviour is strange: it compiles C stuff and then starts 
kjc. Slowly disk usage begins to increase (top says 30% of the kernel is 
in IO wait, but only 0% in swap!) even if the memory footprint of kjc is 
still <100mb and less than 50Mb resident! If left running, the system 
will continue to crunch, begin so unresposiinve that keystrokes are 
itnerpreted after even minutes (never seen something like this on 
Solaris!) swap usage is stillq utie slow and only 0% of the kernel is 
devoted to it1 but io wait increases and the disk grinds relentlessy 
until I killed everything.

This behavior is extremely strange. And this crunching starts before 
swing compilation... and the computer had no other stuff running. SO I 
really wonder how this disk usage was generated if not by swap?


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