[kaffe] sysdepCallMethod bug in m68k/netbsd

Kiyo Inaba inaba@src.ricoh.co.jp
Tue Jun 1 00:52:04 PDT 2004

Finally, I found one major problem for m68k/netbsd. The sysdepCallMethod
for m68k uses some tricky bit to pass arguments to jitted code. Some
info is written in my document for sysdepCallMethod. But this can be
applied only to m68k/linux and in the m68k/netbsd case, the code allocates
one more long word in the stack...

It breaks argument passing (of course) and no engine can be used at all.

For a very tentative solution, I put "addql #4, %sp" just before the
subroutine call in sysdepCallMethod macro. Of course it is not so clear,
and it's better to find out some other way...


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