[kaffe] Re: Kaffe 1.1.4 running in PowerPC

Riccardo zuse at libero.it
Sat Jun 12 10:33:02 PDT 2004

In <40CA9ABD.3060206 at asiayeah.com> Tony Yat-Tung Cheung  wrote:
> Looking at the README of the Kaffee 1.1.4, it mentions that Kaffe only 
> supports "Interpreter", but not "just-in-time" for the PowerPC 
> platform.  Is this why the performance is rather slow? Is there any 
> reason why  Kaffe cannot support "just-in-time" for the PowerPC 
> platform?

NO unfortunately kaffe on PPC has no JIT. it is for that reason that 
performance is rather lousy compared to a JIT. If you want to contribute 
a JIT (or JIT3...) for PPC I will be happy to test it on linux, NetBSD 
and darwin.


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