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Tue Jun 15 05:37:01 PDT 2004

Fabien Renaud wrote:
> I recompiled kaffe-1.1.4 and I have the same error.
> I think there is no problem with libqt (well not too much) because I can 
> run java programms written with QT.
> It´s maybe due to different gcc compilator (2.95 for qte and 3.3.1 for 
> qtjava, kaffe)

Hi Fabien,

quoting from FAQ.awt:

   * Linker complains about missing symbols

     That could be an instance of moc trouble above, but more often
     it's a problem between C++ ABIs of the compiler used to build qt
     you want to link against, and the compiler you used to build
     kaffe's Qt-based AWT with.

     The GNU C++ compiler g++ had a short period where the ABI changed
     with almost every release, so if you are using a Qt library
     compiled with one of those 'interim' versions, your best bet is to
     rebuild Qt frim scratch with your current compiler.

Either use the compiler you used for qte (2.95) to compiler kaffe. Or 
rebuild qte with 3.3.1. It will not work otherwise. That's not a bug a 
kaffe, it's the way C++ support in g++ evolved, so that it is impossible 
to link c++ object code compiled by two different releases of g++ 
(unless you are very lucky).

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