[kaffe] NetBSD/m68k with modified kaffe-1.1.4 result (was: NetBSD/m68k with jit)

Kiyo Inaba inaba at src.ricoh.co.jp
Thu Jun 24 06:25:57 PDT 2004

I tested my patch applied to kaffe-1.1.4, and configure it with
  --with-staticbin --with-staticlib --with-staticvm --disable-shared
  --enable-pure-java-math --disable-sound --without-x
and got
23 of 144 tests failed
Please report to kaffe at kaffe.org

(I modify some part of regression test script not to compile locally,
but let some other machine to compile java source, because KJC does
not work, and I am too lazy not to install jikes on this machine ;->)
Failed tests are
	TestFloatDouble.java		divtest.java
	Str2.java			InternHog.java
	WaitTest.java			TestSerialVersions.java
	TestSerialFields.java		ProcessTest.java
	SoTimeout.java			SecureRandomTest.java
	InputStreamTest.java		DateFormatTest.java
	LostTrampolineFrame.java	GCTest.java
	ProcessClassInst.java		ProcessClassStop.java
	ProcessClassLockTest.java	ExecTest.java
	InterfaceSuperClass.java	ImplementClass.java
	FieldErrors.java		MethodErrors.java

P.S. Without using KJC, the number of errors drastically reduced :-)
     Compare 50 for Linux to 23 for NetBSD. I need to do same test
     (no kjc) for linux later...

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