[kaffe] Re: Notes on current for m68k/netbsd

Kiyo Inaba inaba at src.ricoh.co.jp
Thu Jun 24 07:42:20 PDT 2004

Chao Riccardo,

>In <200406230636.i5N6aul02109 at snoopy.src.ricoh.co.jp> Kiyo Inaba  wrote:
>> Hi all m68k lovers,
>Apart me and you I wonder who is left. TOny has been silent a lot lately. 
>But I hope in any case that there are many "silent" users in old 
>computers or on embedded apps.

I hope too ;-)

>It remains if any of your improvements can help out OpenBSD/68k which 
>"almost" works. it compiles both in jit and intrp, but even in intrp it 
>throws exceptions and Guilhem is still quite puzzled at it and lately he 
>has been quite absent/busy and so there was no improvment.

I have no idea of OpenBSD, but based on my experience for NetBSD,
someone has to double check sysdepCallMethod, and trampoline functions.
# This is the reason why I made doc for these two funcs long ago.
I put m68k/OpenBSD in my queue but it has never gotten high priority...

By the way, if one port can only be compiled, the port may not be
called "almost" work :-)


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