[kaffe] CVS kaffe (rob): Forgot to include the ChangeLog in the last commit.

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Fri Jun 25 08:26:49 PDT 2004

PatchSet 4867 
Date: 2004/06/25 15:21:33
Author: rob
Branch: HEAD
Tag: (none) 
Forgot to include the ChangeLog in the last commit.


Index: kaffe/ChangeLog
diff -u kaffe/ChangeLog:1.2433 kaffe/ChangeLog:1.2434
--- kaffe/ChangeLog:1.2433	Wed Jun 23 16:35:25 2004
+++ kaffe/ChangeLog	Fri Jun 25 15:21:33 2004
@@ -1,3 +1,28 @@
+2004-06-25  Rob Gonzalez <rob at kaffe.org>
+	* verify2.c
+	Some minor fixes to keep gcc from complaining
+	* verify.[ch], verify-*.[ch]
+	(Verifier) structure added.
+	Refactored most major method calls to use the Verifier structure
+	instead of huge parameter lists.  Also did some minor debugging
+	to keep gcc from issuing so many warnings.
+	There is still some refactoring work to do, but all-in-all the
+	code is much cleaner and more OO-like.
+	* verify-type.[ch]
+	(SupertypeSet) structure added, with skeleton support methods for
+	allocation, building, freeing, etc.
+	Skeleton code for the support of SupertypeSet added.
+	SupertypeSet memory allocation will work like the UninitializedType
+	memory allocation currently does.
+	The code is currently not hooked into the verifier in many places,
+	but the next major commit should allow full support of type checking
+	with multiple inheritence of interfaces.
 2004-06-23  Michael Franz <developer.franz at verizon.net>

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