[kaffe] make use of gcjwebplugin

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Mon Jun 28 09:29:16 PDT 2004

Hello all,

  The java part of gcjwebplugin[1] should work on Kaffe now.

  I did it with the simple script:

GCJWEBPLUGIN=:ext:anoncvs at savannah.nongnu.org:/cvsroot/gcjwebplugin
# modify AWT_CLASSPATH according to
cvs -z9 -d $GCJWEBPLUGIN checkout $DIR
if [ -d $DIR ]; then
  pushd $DIR
  sed -e 's/@VERSION@/0.3.0/' $CONF.in > $CONF
  find -name '*.java' | \
    grep -v ContextManager.java | \
    xargs jikes -bootclasspath $AWT_CLASSPATH
  popd $DIR

  Note: $AWT_CLASSPATH refers to the classpath contains the class impl
of gnu.java.awt.EmbeddedWindow since Kaffe lacks it. We should import
the implementation from gcj's java-gui-branch or GNU Classpath soon.

  To launch standalone AppletViewer of gcjwebplugin, you might do this:

/opt/bin/kaffe -Xss 32M \
  -cp ./gcjwebplugin/src gnu.gcjwebplugin.AppletViewer $1

  Note: Kaffe's original xlib-based AWT backend is known to work, but
the gtk-peer from java-gui-branch doesn't.

  Here is my screenshot about java port of FrozenBubble[2] running on
gcjwebplugin on Kaffe:


  It's interesting that Kaffe's xlib-based AWT implementation could not
capture shift key event, which was defined in FrozenBubble as Fire key,
so that I couldn't start the game.

Jim Huang

[1] http://savannah.nongnu.org/projects/gcjwebplugin/
[2] http://glenn.sanson.free.fr/fb/index.html

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