[kaffe] Fw: (by jin_leon at 126.com)get a compact Kaffe VM suitable for embedded System

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Wed Jun 30 10:59:12 PDT 2004

Hi Jin,

jin_leon wrote:
> After compare among some JVMs ,we decide to port kaffe on our embedded System(Power  PC/Redhat Linux 9/Kaffe 1.1.4/QT Embedded/). The difficulty we meet is the size of the Kaffe VM.
> After we compile and install the default version of Kaffe, the size is more than 8M,but our goal is to install a JVM about 4~5M,and the FAQ  documents also confused me a lot.

try stripping the installed binaries. make install-strip should do the

bash-2.05a$ du -ks ../../current-arm/
5348    ../../current-arm


bash-2.05a$ du -ks ../../current-arm-9tdmi-linux-gnu/
7584    ../../current-arm-9tdmi-linux-gnu

2megabytes shaved off just by stripping the binaries.

> 1.i make some effort as the FAQ.Embedded but the consequece couldn't satisfied me.
> 2.i found the kjc.jar is about 1M and i have no idea about what is that used for.

It's a java compiler written in java. If you don't want to compile java
programs on your board, remove it. :) See FAQ/FAQ.kjc for more
information. that's another magbyte shaved off. You can prbably remove
other installed jars (except rt.jar) too.

> 3.i use  sun javac to be the compile tools and i don't know how to compile the compact class library to replace the rt.jar.

See FAQ/FAQ.classlibrary-compile on how to compile the class library
using sun's javac. Make sure you use a recent (1.3, 1.4) javac since
earlier versions are too buggy.

You can also strip out debugging information by passing the appropriate
flags to your compiler.

Finally, there is basic support for class library profiles allowing you
tocompile just the parts of the class library that you know your
application will need.

> 4.i use the parameter --with-engine=intrp but failed,and i don't konw why. 

We can't help you without an error message ;)

dalibor topic

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