[kaffe] mipsel JIT3

Timothy Stack stack at cs.utah.edu
Thu Mar 4 12:14:01 PST 2004

> Timothy> What method is being jitted?  Does the MIPS jitter pass all
> Timothy> of the tests in the test/internal directory?
> java.lang.Float.toString.


> I can't seem to get jitBasic to staticly
> link, and 

Hmm, what are the error messages?  The internal tests are pretty much the
baby-steps, so you might want to pursue this first.  The tests starts out
simple with just trying to call functions, then passing parameters, then 
doing some arithmetic, and so on...  I wrote them when I was working on 
the PowerPC backend and they were really helpful.

> thus far all errors appear when kaffe is loading the core classes.

Yeah, it takes quite a few classes to get anywhere.

> Timothy> The safest bet is probably to renumber them and make sure any
> Timothy> code that outputs floating point does the correct thing.
> I tried that (I changed the regno fields to go from 0 to 63) and I get
> a bus error. If this really is the solution then there are some other
> bugs. With these register infos changed the failure happens at
> Float.isNaN(float).

Well, it was worth a shot...

> Timothy> This isn't really related, but are you using the xdebugging
> Timothy> infrastructure (see FAQ/FAQ.xdebugging)?  I've found it quite
> Timothy> helpful when working on the jitter.
> The GDB I am using isn't entirely functional, and so far everything
> I've been using needs to be staticly linked.

Oy...  So does the "add-symbol-file" in gdb fail?

> Casey Marshall || rsdio at metastatic.org


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