[kaffe] Kaffe for AMD64

Dalibor Topic robilad at kaffe.org
Fri Mar 5 05:03:02 PST 2004

Hi Marc,

thank you very much for your generous offer, and sorry for the delay. I 
think I somehow managed to accidently delete your reply from my Inbox, 
that's why I didn't get back to you. I'm glad to see the offer extended 
to other Kaffe developers.

I've just applied to the site for access, since I'd love to see if kaffe 
still works on amd64, what the compiler thinks about our code, and if 
there are any fixes necessary ;) In particular, I'd like to see kaffe 
work on all platforms it has been ported to, and stay working on them.

Kaffe has been ported to AMD64 by Gwenole Beauchesne from MandrakeSoft, 
another Kaffe developer, in the interpreter mode only, afaik [1]. So it 
would be interesting to try to port the jit engines to amd64 as well. I 
doubt I'll be able to do that myself, due to my other duties on kaffe 
needing my attention, but I'll be glad to help any volunteers to port 
the jit get going with the kaffe codebase.

My personal amd64 developement would be in the area of fixing the port 
if necessary, and cleaning up regressions, compilations problems, etc.

dalibor topic

[1] See config/x86_64/ directory in the source, i.e. 

marc.miller at amd.com wrote:
> Greetings developers,
> I am AMD's liaison to the world of open source software projects.  As you can see below, on the Debian list we were talking about Java options for AMD64 users and a developer suggested an AMD64 port of Kaffe might be the right thing to do.
> We are still waiting for Mr. Topic, below, to apply for access to our virtual access lab (he is still welcome to apply), so I thought I would open the offer to a broader audience of interested persons.
> For logistical reasons, we ask that only 3 to 4 enthusiastic and extremely interested developers apply for access.  We will supply remote access to a machine in the AMD Developer Center which contains some of our technology.  Developers need not pay AMD for this access.  Simply put, for open source projects that we think would be very compelling to have available for the AMD64 ISA, we are quite willing to make the appropriate equipment available.  This would be on a temporary basis to get the port going.  AMD can not promise to keep the machine reserved for Kaffe development indefinitely, but will make a best effort to keep it available as long as the work continues to show progress.  
> Simply apply for access at http://www.developwithamd.com, and we'll get the paperwork going.  You may use my name as your alliance manager for purposes of this project.
> I am not subscribed to this mailing list, so please include me directly if you have questions about this.
> If Kaffe has already been ported to AMD64, then I apologize for wasting your time; from skimming through your mailing list archives and web site I simply couldn't tell.  Mr. Topic indicates that AMD64 support at least once existed in Kaffe, so our equipment could just as easily be used to verify that your most recent release runs well on a machine with a build of your choice.
> I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

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