[kaffe] mipsel JIT3

Timothy Stack stack at cs.utah.edu
Fri Mar 5 08:01:02 PST 2004

> Timothy> Hmm, what are the error messages?  The internal tests are
> Timothy> pretty much the baby-steps, so you might want to pursue this
> Timothy> first.  The tests starts out simple with just trying to call
> Timothy> functions, then passing parameters, then doing some
> Timothy> arithmetic, and so on...  I wrote them when I was working on
> Timothy> the PowerPC backend and they were really helpful.
> Got it linked.


> I get a bunch of assembly

Yeah, those tests run with all of the debugging turned on.

> then this:
> Translating ParameterizedMethods.float_method_int_float_double_int(IFDI)F (static) 0x10067040
> Failure 8fdc0010 123.456028
> So this actually doesn't surprise me much: there appear to be bugs in
> the way float parameters are passed (and this, like isNaN, is static,
> so this probably limits the possibilities of what's wrong).

Good, it looks like Kevin sent mail about this, so hopefully his 
suggestion helps a bit.

> Casey Marshall || rsdio at metastatic.org


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