[kaffe] JVMPI status?

Dalibor Topic robilad at kaffe.org
Thu Mar 11 08:08:03 PST 2004

Hi Jon,

Jon Nall wrote:
> tim,
> thanks for the reply. i'm attaching the diff to this mail. the only bit 
> i'm not sure about are the changes in jvmpi_kaffe.c. it looks like 
> someone changed the definition of java_lang_String structs. the other 
> diffs are just typos.

thanks, I've checked them in, and fixed another small interface change.

> also, JVMPI functionality still seems broken, even with this patch. i 
> get the stack trace attached below. i don't have time to look at it now. 
> i might get to it this week, though.

yep, I get the same problem with jprofiler-1.1.1. It seems to be some 
weird memory allocation issue. I haven;t tried tracking it down.

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