[kaffe] Using RXTX with kaffe to manipulate serial ports

Marcos Lois Bermúdez marcos.lois at teaxul.com
Tue Mar 16 10:00:32 PST 2004

Hello, kaffe is great, i want to contribute to get kaffe working.

I test it with SWT and work great, :), my problem is now RXTX lib, I 
want migrate some Win32 terminals, to Linux, they are embedded system 
based on ia32.

I reduce the size on disk, a lot, kaffe is great, i can strip it down a 

I get some troubles to get RXTX working under kaffe, it's essential for 
me, becouse i have some serial devices connected to other interfaces. I 
test the RXTX 2.1-6 in Sun JDK and work good, but in kaffe i get some 
extrange beaibor.

If anybody haev success using RXTX in kaffe, tell me please, or anybody 
trying same me. I will help to get this working.


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