[kaffe] ARM detection fix

David Marston david at illudium.org.uk
Tue Mar 30 17:25:06 PST 2004

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          Dalibor Topic <robilad at kaffe.org> wrote:

> Peter Naulls wrote:
> > Believe it or not, there are other ARM processors in the world besides
> > StrongARMs, so we shouldn't be looking at fixed architecture revisions
> > (in most cases in any Unix code)
> Thanks for the patch, I've checked it in. You may want to give 
> --enable-pxa a try to adapt SP_OFFSET to Xscale. :) I've also ripped out 
> some things in the CVS in config/arm and replaced them with code from 
> GNU libc (COMPARE_AND_EXCHANGE, mostly). I hope these work better for 
> you, too.
> Is there going to be an arm-RISCOS port of 1.1.4? I've read the news on 
> the gcc 3.3.3 port on drobe, and hoped that someone would pick 1.1.4 (or 
> even 1.1.4+arm-CVS-changes) up and give it another go on RISC OS.

Good choice of reading :) I have been looking at the RISC OS port again
recently after a fairly long break being distracted with other things.

I did build kaffe from cvs about 2 weeks ago using the current RISC OS
gcc cvs (3.3.3), but up until a few minutes ago I didn't think it was
working. It does seem to be working now though :)

I know what the difference is in the way I'm running it now to then, so
I just need to work out why it makes a difference.

(For Peter's benefit: It works when it's using dynamic areas, and fails
when it isn't.)

So, there is some progress in that I have a version that seems to be
working on the same things as the last released RISC OS port, but still
failing on the same things too. Hopefully I'll have more time to look
into the issues now.

BTW, the change to COMPARE_AND_EXCHANGE doesn't actually work with the
RISC OS assembler, but that's easy enough to sort out.

David Marston
david at illudium.org.uk

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