[kaffe] the big Kaffe warning hunt

Dalibor Topic robilad at kaffe.org
Wed Mar 31 11:20:04 PST 2004

Hi all,

as some of you may have noticed by the ocassional failed build, there is 
a lot of hacking going on at the moment on the core, and ocassionally 
things break where they shouldn't.

The driving reason for the latest set of changes is an organized attempt 
to improve the stability of kaffe's core in the long run by fixing all 
the interesting warnings diagnosed by gcc. So if you feel like 
contributing a little bit to our bug/warning hunt, join us on IRC [1] or 
post your warning fixes[2] straight to this mailing list. Just make sure 
you're not tainted by having looked at Sun's sources, decompiled them, 
or signed a NDA that prevents you from contributing.

As usual,your patches are very appreciated. If you intend to participate 
in the warning hunt, check out 
http://www.ssec.wisc.edu/~dglo/gcc-warnings.html for an overwiew of how 
to fix typical warnings, and try out Adam Heath's sorting script at 
http://www.brainfood.com/~doogie/sort-warnings.pl .

I'd recommend going after the warnings in kaffe/kaffevm directory first, 
since that's the core of the VM. But the rest of the code could use 
a(nother) bit of peer-review too.

This is a bit of spring clean-up, before we focus on next releases again.

happy hunting,
dalibor topic

[1] #kaffe on irc.freenode.org
[2] Unified diffs (i.e. generated by 'diff -u') with a small changelog 
note would be great.

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