[kaffe] GMP 4.1.3 now available

Alan Eliasen eliasen at mindspring.com
Sun May 2 16:15:03 PDT 2004

   For those building Kaffe, I'd like to point out that the GMP library used
for Kaffe's BigInteger class has been updated to the long-awaited version
4.1.3.  This version fixes the FFT multiplication bug, allowing FFT
multiplication to be used again, improving speed for very large numbers.  It
also fixes a few other bugs.

   I'd like to suggest that anyone building Kaffe should build GMP using the
option to GMP's configure script:


  Otherwise, your build will overrun the stack when computing with very large
numbers, and either segfault or hang.

   The official release announcement is below.


From: Torbjorn Granlund 
Date: 02 May 2004 23:29:15 +0200

GMP 4.1.3 is now available for download from Swox web server.
This is a bug fix release, with no new features or new functions.

There are many minor bug fixes in this release, as well as a few
important ones.  Most notably, the FFT multiplication bug has
been fixed.

The release is available for download here:

More information, including digital signatures for the release, here:

(Usually GMP is released from ftp.gnu.org.  This release too will
surely also appear there sometimes soon.  Copying the file to the
GNU server is not within the powers of the GMP developers,
though.  We have to wait for the busy GNU sysadmins to do that.)

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