[kaffe] Release_1_1_5_Branch created

Jim Pick jim at kaffe.org
Sun May 2 23:29:06 PDT 2004


I've made a release branch for 1.1.5, tagged "Release_1_1_5_Branch".

Since the branch has been made, feel free to check any new stuff
into the HEAD of cvs.

I was a little short on time today, so I didn't have time to finish
off the release.  Sorry about that.

In my limited testing here, I've encountered a few problems.

For example, building it with on Red Hat 8.0 on my laptop, it has 
runaway memory usage when it tries to compile the class libraries.  The 
same code compiles fine on my Debian unstable machine, so I should be 
able to chase down the problem with some more investigation.

Hopefully, I can get the tarball out in the next few days.  That should
give me some time to do some additional testing as well.  This release 
is not meant to be much more than a development snapshot, but I'd like 
to minimize the amount of regression people see if they're moving up 
from 1.1.4.  To make my job easier, please try to refrain from checking
in patches on the Release_1_1_5_Branch - just check them into the HEAD,
and I can merge over any patches I think are critical for the release.


  - Jim

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