[kaffe] Projects/sub-projects dependancies... Thoughts

Guilhem Lavaux guilhem.lavaux at free.fr
Sun May 16 04:13:02 PDT 2004

Helmer Krämer wrote:
> On Sat, 15 May 2004 18:32:39 +0200
> Guilhem Lavaux <guilhem.lavaux at free.fr> wrote:
>>There will be a slight performance loss for JIT 
>>though: currently the JIT is putting the pointers to translated methods 
>>directly in the vtable. To be compatible with intrp and other way of 
>>handling methods we must put a pointer to Method. 
> Why do we have to put a pointer to Method into the vtable to be
> compatible? Have you considered modifying intrp so it stores a

I was thinking of the most general approach. That way we could run 
different engines at the same time. I admit I don't know what is the 
result on xdebugging (I've forgotten that point); I expect it to be 
pretty bad. To be able to put the bytecode in the vtable for intrp we 
will have to change the virtualMachine prototype and introduce a few new 
structures. For example, virtualMachine will need a bytecode descriptor 
to execute using the interface described by another Method:
virtualMachine(Method *meth, Bytecode *bytecode, ...)

runVirtualMachine will become:
runVirtualMachine(Bytecode *bytecode, ...)

In the case we want only one engine at a time, your solution may work 
though the question of the common interface is still here.


> pointer to the bytecode in the vtable (and allocates the bytecode
> so that GC_getObjectBase(address of some bytecode) returns the
> address of the Method* the bytecode belongs to)? And what happens
> to xdebugging when the vtable doesn't contain a pointer to the
> code of the method?
> Regards,
> Helmer

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