[kaffe] Re: Re: kaffe for m68k/linux and m68k/netbsd

Riccardo zuse at libero.it
Wed May 19 08:37:04 PDT 2004

In <40AB336D.1010109 at kaffe.org> Dalibor Topic  wrote:
>> ------------------------------------------------------------------
>> typedef struct methodTrampoline {
>>         unsigned short call;
>>         int fixup;
>>         struct _methods* meth;
>>         void** where;
>> } methodTrampoline;
>> ------------------------------------------------------------------

Could this be cause of my grief on OpenBSD/68k too? should I try to 
import this chaneg in the OpenBSD m68k header (which, for testing 
purposes, is still separate and I imported may changes in the updated, 
common m68k/jit.h


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