[kaffe] NetworkInterfaceTest failed

Guilhem Lavaux guilhem.lavaux at free.fr
Fri May 21 10:17:02 PDT 2004

Timothy Stack wrote:
>>Now NetworkInterface uses a vector for keeping network interfaces.
>>So both [I, {A1}] and [I, {A2}] are stored.  This is why
>>both [I, {A1}] and [I, {A2}] are returned now.
>>I think we should somehow create [I, {A1, A2}] from
>>([I, {A1}], [I, {A2}]).
> Sorry, I just can't help myself...  The original JanosVM implementation of 
> this did "the right thing", i think.  It used a hash table to store each 
> network interface and then added the ip addresses to the vector in the 
> object.  Lets not overwrite functioning code with broken stuff, okie... 
> *grumble*
> tim

Keep calm. ;) First let's rewrite something solid using HashTable. Then 
we'll try to push it forward on classpath, hoping that that time they 
will accept the modification. :)



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