[kaffe] NetworkInterfaceTest failed

Dalibor Topic robilad at kaffe.org
Sun May 23 13:02:02 PDT 2004

Guilhem Lavaux wrote:
> Timothy Stack wrote:
>>> Now NetworkInterface uses a vector for keeping network interfaces.
>>> So both [I, {A1}] and [I, {A2}] are stored.  This is why
>>> both [I, {A1}] and [I, {A2}] are returned now.
>>> I think we should somehow create [I, {A1, A2}] from
>>> ([I, {A1}], [I, {A2}]).
>> Sorry, I just can't help myself...  The original JanosVM 
>> implementation of this did "the right thing", i think.  It used a hash 
>> table to store each network interface and then added the ip addresses 
>> to the vector in the object.  Lets not overwrite functioning code with 
>> broken stuff, okie... *grumble*
>> tim
> Keep calm. ;) First let's rewrite something solid using HashTable. Then 
> we'll try to push it forward on classpath, hoping that that time they 
> will accept the modification. :)

I've talked about it with Michael Koch on IRC on #kaffe, who's familiar 
with the gcj side of the networking implementation. It seems that gcj 
does not support IPv6 at all, and noone else using Classpath apparently 
does, so the implementation in Classpath has not really been exposed to 
such an interesting usage case (one NetworkInterface name, two 
InetAddresses), thus it actually is broken in that respect.

I'll write up some code that 'condenses' the NativeInterfaces that are 
received from the native method, and I hope that will fix the breakage.

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