[kaffe] linux PPC works again! 11/144

Riccardo Mottola rollei at tiscalinet.it
Mon Nov 1 14:24:13 PST 2004

Hey all

thanks to the latest pthread work, the interpreter and the pthreads..
work again !

11 of 144 tests failed
Please report to kaffe at kaffe.org

some of the failures are new (well, sicne the last time ti worked, a
long time ago) and others are well known friends

FileTest.fail               InternHog.fail            
Preempt.fail           UDPTest.fail
GCTest.fail                 KaffeVerifyBug.fail       
SecureRandomTest.fail  WaitTest.fail
InetSocketAddressTest.fail  NetworkInterfaceTest.fail  SoTimeout.fail

some are strange:
[multix at eomer regression]$ cat FileTest.fail 
Directory "/tmp" does exist
Directory "/" does exist
Directory "/tmp" does exist
Directory "" does exist
File "/NotExist2" does not exist
File "NotExist2" does not exist
caught 1
File "NotExist2" does not exist

[multix at eomer regression]$ cat Preempt.fail 
thread 0
thread 1
thread 2


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